Nordic ESPAnet

Nordic ESPAnet is the regional branch of the European Network for Social Policy Analysis. It promotes research and education on social policy in the Nordic countries.

Nordic ESPAnet aims to support and strengthen collaboration among researchers across disciplines and the Nordic countries. Nordic ESPAnet fosters understanding of social policy as an academic discipline. The activities organized by Nordic ESPAnet encourage cross country comparisons, and the training of the next generation of experts in social policy. Nordic ESPAnet also acts as a platform for developing new research proposals and dialogue. One of the main purposes of the network is to offer support for emerging social policy scholars.

What does the Nordic ESPAnet do in practice?

The board organizes annual workshops for early career researchers (PhDs and postdocs). At irregular intervals it also organises academic conferences. The first conference was organised in Helsinki in 2019 under the theme ‘Towards resilient Nordic welfare states – challenges, responses and consequences’. 


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